Naked Man Opened Fire In Tennessee Waffle House: 4 Dead

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Travis Reinking, 29,  killed four people On Sunday when he opened fire at a Waffle House in Tennessee early morning, according to police.

The killer was naked from the waist down, carrying an assault-style rifle and is believed to be from Morton, Illinois, according to ABC news.
Naked Man Opened Fire In Tennessee Waffle House: 4 Dead

On Sunday morning police were using dogs and a helicopter to search a wooded area near the restaurant where the gunman was last seen, after he took off running when a patron wrestled the gunman for his gun.

Two of the people shot dead were shot outside the restaurant and one inside. A fourth person died at the hospital. A Hospital in Nashville was also treating two other people who were shot in the incident that occurred around 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, Don Aaron said the suspect arrived at the restaurant in a gold pickup truck and waited four minutes before getting out and unleashing a barrage of gunfire.

“He was wearing only a green jacket, no pants, no shirt,” Aaron said.

He also gave the patron who wrestled the gun away recognition, calling him a “hero”.

“He is the hero here and no doubt he saved many lives by wrestling away the gun and tossing it over the counter,” Aaron said. He said the courageous customer suffered an injured elbow and abrasions while battling the gunman. He was taken to TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center in Nashville for treatment.

Aaron said the gunman shed his jacket while wrestling with the patron and ran from the restaurant, leaving his truck parked outside. The truck was registered to Reinking, he said.

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