Nas Opens Up About Being Declined By Prince For A Song

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Nas has been around for 25 years on the hip hop scene, he recently dropped new album The Lost Tapes 2 and promises to deliver Lost Tapes 3 & 4.

Nas has collaborated with tons of artist from Jay Z to Justin Bieber one artist he couldn’t get to work with him was Prince.

The famous MC admits that the reason for him being turned down was for not owning his masters, unfortunately Nas was new in his deal and owed the record label 4 or 5 albums.

Both Nas & Prince became close friends over the years but they never recorded an official studio song.

“I think everybody wanted to work with him, so the pressure that he had from everybody… He turned Michael Jackson down! The pressure he had from people who wanted to work with him was crazy.”

Prince was a super busy artist and missed a lot of chances to work with great artists one being Nas who has had massive success in the music industry.

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