NBA Bans Two Fans For 1-Year Due To Isaiah Thomas Incident

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The Washington Wizards played an away game against the 76ers that lead a confrontational interaction between Isiah Thomas & the fan that held up 2 middle fingers.

Isiah Thomas made comments about he issue, stating he wasn’t happy that they didn’t treat him like a man.

“I said: Don’t be disrespectful. I’m a man before anything. Be a fan”, this issue with evolving around several NBA players. The fan admitted they were trying to win free frosty’s if he missed 2 free throws.

The Sixers promoted a slogan to fans that told fans they were having a “Frosty Freeze Out” should the opposing teams player missed 2 free throws during the second half.

The fans shouted shouted “f–k you, b—h” after he made a free throw. The fans of the incident told Isiah Thomas sorry and made him aware they were only attempting to get the free frosty’s.

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