Netflix Hidden Movies & Tv Shows Genre Codes

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If you’re looking for a more interesting time with Netflix you’ll most likely be looking for something that you hidden. Though not public you can find these codes throughout the entire internet use this guide to help you find some of the best hidden shows you may not of knew was on Netflix.

The codes listed will help you open a bunch of shows that you’d most likely never seen on Netflix.

To do it you’ll need to log into your Netflix account & you’ll need to enter in the URL, replace the “x” with the number of the category you’d like to discover.

Netflix anime codes
Anime: 7424
Anime action: 2653
Anime comedies: 9302
Anime dramas: 452
Anime fantasy: 11146
Anime features: 3063
Anime horror: 10695
Anime sci-fi: 2729
Anime series: 6721

Netflix children & family codes
Animal tales: 5507
Disney: 67673
Family features: 51056
Kids music: 52843
Kids’ TV: 27346
Movies based on children’s books: 10056
Movies for ages 0 to 2: 6796
Movies for ages 11 to 12: 6962
Movies for ages 2 to 4: 6218
Movies for ages 5 to 7: 5455
Movies for ages 8 to 10: 561
TV Cartoons: 11177

Netflix classic movies codes
Classic comedies: 31694
Classic dramas: 29809
Classic movies: 31574
Classic sci-fi & fantasy: 47147
Classic thrillers: 46588
Classic war movies: 48744
Classic westerns: 47465

Netflix comedy codes
Dark comedies: 869
Mockumentaries: 26
Political comedies: 2700
Romantic comedies: 5475
Satires: 4922
Screwball comedies: 9702
Slapstick comedies: 10256
Sports comedies: 5286
Stand-up comedy: 11559
Teen comedies: 3519

Classic comedies: 31694
Classic dramas: 29809
Classic thrillers: 46588
Film noir: 7687
Comedies: 6548

Netflix action codes

Classic action and adventure: 46576
Action comedies: 43040
Action thrillers: 43048
Adventures: 7442
Children & Family Movies: 783

Other Netflix codes

Dark comedies: 869
Mockumentaries: 26
Stand up comedy: 11559
Documentaries: 6839

Crime documentaries: 9875
Historical documentaries: 5349
Science and nature documentaries: 2595
TV Shows – 83

British TV shows: 52117
Food & Travel TV: 72436
Reality TV: 9833
Dramas: 5763

Crime dramas: 6889
Period pieces: 12123
Tearjerkers: 6384
Horror Movies: 8711

B-horror movies: 8195
Teen screams: 52147
Independent Movies: 7077

Experimental movies: 11079
Independent comedies: 4195
Romantic Movies: 8883

Romantic favorites: 502675
Quirky romance: 36103
Romantic comedies: 5475
Thrillers: 8933

Gangster movies: 31851
Mysteries: 9994
Spy thrillers: 9147

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