Netflix New Cannabis Cooking Show ‘Cooking On High’

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Calling all weed enthusiasts! Netflix released the first ever cannabis based cooking show Cooking On High. It is what it sounds like, contestants will be cooking up flavorful dishes, like ones seen on other popular cooking shows such as, Chopped and Hell’s Kitchen — except these dishes will be infused with THC.

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The show is hosted by fitness junkie, Josh Leyva who has appeared on Dirty 30. Each episode includes celebrity judges tasting weed filled dishes. A show like this makes sense given the increase number of pot smokers in today’s time — Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Wisconsin are the only five states to remain where cannabis is completely illegal for both medical and recreational use. Many states in the West Coast specifically have gone full on recreational.

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Even if you are not in a legal state, the new cooking show to hit the streaming network is still intriguing and there is a lot of knowledge to learn behind marijuana that are referenced to such as different strains and effects of weed.

Cooking On High takes a more chill, laid back approach, with everyone seeming to get along on the show — thinking the cannabis might play a part in that. Netflix dropped 12 episodes of the cooking show, the first show you can watch a lunchtime challenge, while the second show you can watch a vegetarian face-off. You can sit back and binge watch all 12 episodes just be sure to grab some snacks, cause these dishes will leave your mouth watering.

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