New Hot-Pink Fruity Pebbles That Will Turn Your Milk Blue

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Ok, confession time. I am the biggest fan of Fruity Pebbles cereal. Seriously, ask anyone who really knows me and they will tell you I can’t get enough of the colorful crisps. So, when they dropped these new Magic Fruity Pebbles, I sorta lost my cool. Who am I kidding, I got all giddy with excitement.  The new pebbles are hot-pink in color (which happens to be my favorite color), and when added to milk, the milk changes blue — how cool is that?

New Hot-Pink Fruity Pebbles That Will Turn Your Milk Blue 1404203655

“The Pebbles brand is always looking for new ways to spark imagination in kids and kids at heart,” Brand Manager Amy Brothers said in a press statement. “We’re excited to put a magical twist on our classic vibrant colors while staying true to the delicious fruity taste that fans love.”

So, the same fruity taste that we all love, with a little more yabba dabba fun. The limited-edition magical cereal will be available in stores nationwide mid February.

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