Nicki Minaj Accuses Cardi B Of Racism & More In Rant Following NYFW Altercation

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Cardi B tried to attack Minaj at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party in New York on Friday and during her newest episode of ‘Queen Radio,’ Nicki slams Cardi B, after the “Bodak Yellow” rapper posted a rant on her Instagram, accusing Minaj of dissing her daughter that she recently welcomed with rapper Offset back in July. Cardi B walked away from the altercation with large bump on her head from getting elbowed by a security guard.

Nicki Minaj Accuses Cardi B Of Racism & More In Rant Following NYFW Altercation

On Queen Radio Nicki wanted to set the record straight, denying ever doing such a thing. “I want to let the whole world know that I have never and will never speak ill of somebody’s child, that’s some clown s**t, and some more clown s**t is telling that someone is speaking ill of your child,” she began saying.

You calling black women roaches? REAL B**CHES NEVER DO THAT! YOU NEVER ATTACK A WOMAN!  F**K OUTTA HERE!” Minaj shouted.”You’re angry, and you’re sad, and this is not funny. Get this woman some f**king help. This woman’s at the best stage of her career and she is out here throwing bottles and throwing shoes? This s**t ain’t funny, you put your hands on someone…you put your hands on certain people you’re going to die,” she went on to rant.

Minaj also questioned Cardi B’s realness, telling the rapper to “Knock it off!”

“How do people that be claiming to be real, be doing the most fraud s**t? This is unfair, it’s disgusting. Knock it off! Claiming you SO real and trying to make people feels sorry for you? Like, do this make any motherf**king sense to you?”

Ouch! Cardi B has yet to respond to these accusations Nicki is claiming.

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