Nicki Minaj’s Mom Releases New Song “What Makes You”

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Nicki Minaj, who is one of the biggest artist in the world, must of gotten her talent from her mother. Carol Maraj, who has a close relationship with her daughter, also has a talent for creating great music. Nicki’s mom just dropped her latest single called “What Makes You.”

Nicki Minaj#8217;s Mom Releases New Song #8220;What Makes You#8221; 1367612225

Image Source: Page Six

The catchy tune was released July 1, according to Bossip.  The song is very different than her daughter’s style, who is a rapper. The new song released by Maraj sounds like the perfect fun song to dance to.

Nicki has not yet acknowledged her mother’s new hit but we are sure she is proud and will share it soon with her followers. Listen to “What Makes You” above.

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