North West Crashes Kim Kardashian’s PSA About Social Distancing: “I Want Out”

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Kim Kardashian recently appeared in a public service announcement about social distancing that was crashed by her 6-year-old daughter North West. At the beginning of the video, North introduced herself and continues to talk throughout her moms PSA.

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“I want out,” North is heard saying in the clip. Kim replies, “You went outside in your backyard, and that’s totally fine.” Despite her daughters interruptions, Kim continues: “There’s so many fun, amazing projects you can do. You can spend time with your kids and have so much fun.” She adds, “I want to get out, more than you know.”

This video comes shortly after North barged in on Kim trying to film a makeup tutorial. As a mom myself,  I can totally relate. Once you have kids, alone time is very rare. Check out the funny clip above.

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