Obsessed Miley Cyrus Fan Taken Into Custody

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An obsessed Wisconsin man was taken into custody on February 12th after writing a series of disturbing posts in which he confessed his scary obsession with Miley Cyrus.

“Things are about to move fast starting tomorrow when we finally get together Miley. I love you and will see you soon. The whole world is now ours.”

During the posts the man professed his love for the super star and even stated that he had her address and knew how to get on to her property so the two could finally be together, according to TMZ.

“I got your address like you insisted. I know which way to enter and thank you for getting rid of Liam… This is how we fall in love,” he wrote. “I don’t need medication. I wish more of you had an open mind. All things will be self evident and to create a new world I have the most horrific act I most (must) complete. It will be on the news and it is sad.”

A concerned citizen who saw the mans posts alerted the Milwaukee police department who got in touch with the Los Angeles Police Department about the man that made the trip all the way to California.

LA police officers reportedly located him on Monday and took him in for questioning as well as a psychological evaluation.