Paul George Grateful To Return To The Basketball Court

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Paul George is officially back and ready to push himself to the next level in the NBA world, Currently he’s putting up some big numbers though his shooting percentage is the most impressive 58.8% from the field & 56.3% from the three pointer.

His team mate Kawhi Leonard is currently out and healing from a injured left knee, The 37 points George put up is a serious headline for a player that is coming back from an injury fans can most likely expect the same effort from Kawhi Leonard once he’s able to return.

Fans most likely was hoping for a career comeback from George something in the area of 50+ points, but he’s known to heat up a little slower than most players of his caliber.

He’s spent several years working on his shooting & getting his strength back up, this is a new Paul George possibly one the NBA has not seen before getting healthy.

George wasn’t the reason the Clippers lost his first game back that’s for sure he’s been putting up an offensive tear and continues to do that for the Clippers.

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