Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas

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It’s PARTY time!! Throw the most epic paw patrol party that your little one will always remember with these awesome party ideas!

 DIY Puppy Hydrant

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas
Make this super easy puppy hydrant from an oatmeal container {How To}

Dog Bone Cups with Straws

Have guest sip from these awesome doggy bone cups {buy here}

Paw Print Cupcakes

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas
Delicious and adorable. These cupcakes will be a hit at your paw patrol party {How To}

Doggy Bone Shaped Food

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas

Turn everyday food, such as cheese, meat, sandwiches and even fruit into bone shaped treats for your party using a Dog Bone Cookie Cutter

Doggy Print Straws

Add these straws to your party for a sip’n good time {buy here}

Paw Patrol Free Birthday Party Printables

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas
Use these FREE printables as cupcake and food toppers {source}

Paw Patrol Hats

Whats a paw patrol party without the hats? These DIY hats will be a hit with kids {How To}

Dog Bone Candles

Top your little ones cake with dog bone candles {buy here}

Dog Dish Bowls

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas
What better way to eat food at a paw patrol party than out of cool doggy dish bowls?! {source} Doggy bowls are perfect for serving food as well {source}

Paw Patrol Party Pack

The easiest most convenient way to plan a party is to buy a party pack that is loaded with plates, napkins, cups and sometimes decor. You can buy the pack pictured above {HERE}

Zuma’s Water Bowls

These adorable “water bowls” consist of blue jello. You can use ocean water or blue Gatorade if you want to make them drinks.

Paw Print Balloons

Let’s be real here, balloons make the party and these paw print ones are so cute! {buy here} Want some awesome ideas on how to set up your balloon display? Check out Cool Ways To Display Balloons For Your Next Event.

Get Crafty

Let kids get crafty by setting out paint, markers, crayons and stickers to let them decorate their over-sized bone. Take white cardboard, cut and trace out bones {source}

DIY Dog Collars

Kids will have a great time creating their very own dog collars. All you need are pipe cleaners and beads {source}

Doggy Bag Party Favors

Throw some party favors such as, candy, balls, stickers and bubbles in a brown paper bag for a perfect “doggy bag” party favor. Add some doggy prints and bow.

Paw Print Floor Decals

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Ideas
Lead guest to the party with these paw print floor decals {buy here}

DIY Paw Patrol Cake

Make this paw patrol doggy bowl cake with this easy  to follow tutorial.

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