Peeps Cereal Is Now Available To Make Breakfast A Little Sweeter

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Peeps are once again taking over breakfast! Just weeks after International Delight’s Peeps coffee creamer hit shelves, a new tasty cereal gets released to make breakfast a little more sweeter. Kellogg’s recently dropped Peeps cereal to satisfy all your marshmallow-y cravings.

The new Peeps cereal is marshmallow flavored with actual marshmallows. The cereal pieces are red, blue and yellow with white marshmallows. The new breakfast food has only been spotted at Target, so if you’re a Peep fan, than you’ll definitely want to grab a box next time your in store.

One Instagram user says the Peeps cereal is “Pretty Good. They’re Like Marshmallow-y Fruit Loops, In Terms Of The Texture.”Another user said the cereal has “the same texture as Apple Jacks but literally does taste like Peeps Marshmallows; just without the sugar crystals.”

Sounds like it’s worth a try — Target, here we come!

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