Pillsbury Ready-To-Bake Marshmallow Cookies Are Coming To Stores Soon!

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Imagine this, a marshmallow flavored cookie, packed with marshmallow pieces  — sounds so good right? Marshmallow Pillsbury cookies will soon be coming to stores for your enjoyment! Candy Hunting shared the yummy news on Instagram.

According to the caption, the new ready-to-bake cookies “have a marshmallow flavored cookie with marshmallow bits.” The Marshmallow Sugar Cookies will be sold in a pack of 12 cookies at $5 for two packages at local retailers — and according to best products, they are going to be twice the size of  regular ready-to-bake pillsbury cookies — heck yeah.

Get your milk cups ready for dipping, the limited-edition Marshmallow Sugar Cookies will be making their way to your local Walmart and Target on March 1.

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