Portland Trail Blazers Fighting For Playoff Spot

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The NBA restarted their season and many teams have shown they’re hopeful to stay in the playoffs.

Will this be the year for the Trail Blazers? The coach admitted without all the NBA teams currently playing they’ve found a better groove.

The coach of the Blazers says “the math is a little easier” when thinking about the current NBA 22 team style.

No doubt the they’ve seemed more simplified in their offense and with a star player such as Damian Lillard it makes them serious contenders.

He recently dropped 45 points on the Nuggets Thursday and continues to communicate he’s ready.

“In this situation, we’re just getting an opportunity,” said Lillard. “and taking advantage of it.”

The Blazers are hopeful they’ll continue to get better and this gives them a serious chance to win it all this year, but first they’ll need to lock into the playoffs.

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