Post Malone Bud Light Can Now Avaliable

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Popular musician Post Malone has a special edition of Bud Light that can be found in select locations.

This special design features Post Malone’s face on a blue can that will impress fans that love music & beer.

Although it is avaliable for purchase only select stores in select locations will have the product.

This 16 oz. special-edition can can be purchased in Salt Lake City, Denver, El Paso, Laredo, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, McAllen, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston and New York City.

The can is in an effort to feature beer following his Runaway Tour.

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“I’m so excited for this can,” Post Malone said. “It’s something I was very passionate about and it’s so sick to see my mug on a Bud Light can.

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