Power Outage In New York Leaves Many People In The Dark

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Many people in Manhattan & Time Square experienced a serious power outage that affected tons of people.

Those in New York that experienced the outage was very scared and unsure when the power would come back on.

The outage was first reported at 6:47 p.m.

Nearly 72,000 people experienced the outage & investigations are taking place to find the reason for the sudden outage.

Famous singer Jennifer Lopez was performing on stage in New York while the lights suddely went out.

The power returned using a backup generator but fans were told to vacate the building.

Jennifer Lopez concert at Madison Square Garden was sold out leaving many fans unhappy with the way it ended.

News has surfaced that power is beginning to return to the affected areas and people in New York can be sure they will get a chance to see Jennifer Lopez perform again on Monday.

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