Priyanka Chopra Says Meghan Markle Is Victim To Racism

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Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have gotten together, people on social media have been posting really negative comments about the former “Suits” actress. The media hasn’t been any less brutal claiming the Duchess is”difficult” to work with. While Markle may be getting hit with negative comments, Priyanka still thinks highly of her BFF.
Priyanka Chopra Says Meghan Markle Is Victim To Racism 1408901718
The 36-year-old wife to Nick Jonas told the Sunday Times that while all the negative things said about her 37-year-old friend is hard, Meghan is the one person who can handle the hate. Speaking with the newspaper, Priyanka said, “For sure, 100%, of course, it has to do with racism; it’s an obvious reason.”

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The Quantico actress says not much has changed about Meghan since she married into the royal family, saying she is “so completely herself.” Priyanka and Markle have been friends for many years now and with all the nice things Chopra has to say about the Duchess, it’s obvious their friendship is strong.



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