Rajon Rondo Ready For Comeback Season

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Rajon Rondo Ready For Comeback Season 103745411

Source: NBA.com

Rondo injured his right half and since then has missed a lot of playing time.

He’s ready to return on Sunday and give this Lakers squad a much needed break, Rondo is known to be a playmaker and is striving to earn some minutes.

Currently LeBron has been the primary focus when it comes to bringing the ball up and making plays though now he will get a chance to focus mainly on putting up big points which will lead to wins for his team.

Rondo is focused on winning a championship this year & gives the Lakers another proven winner.

Last season the Lakers wanted to exceed expectations and came up short, this season they’re off to a 8-1 start and haven’t quite had the time to build team chemistry. Rondo will help with this most likely will be one of his final seasons in the NBA.

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