Rajon Rondo Will Most Likely Play Tonight

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Rajon Rondo has been out for the past 2 days without a lot of game play, he’s sort of taken on a different approach in hoping Anthony Davis gets a chance to win MVP.

Known for his do it all abilities many fans are hoping he’ll return to give the Lakers a lift, LeBron considered him the second brain to a very consistent offense.

Last season both players suffered injuries that kept them out for extended periods of time last season. Fans around the world are hoping this isn’t the case this season both players will need to remain active if the Lakers are hoping to win a championship.

“I just take it as extra motivation, when Rondo put me up to a challenge, I try to live up to the challenge as much as possible.” said Davis.

LeBron James has been playing great this season & continues to be also considered for the MVP award.

Rajon Rondo has only 1 ring to his name he won with the Celtics back in 2008 season, should he get his second ring with LeBron James that will make 4 rings for LeBron James.

The Celtics favorite point guard was fined $35,000 in November for “unsportsmanlike physical contact”, shortly after a string of injuries began to occur hopefully this isn’t a long term distraction for the high assist point guard.

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