Rapper Max B Set To Be Released From Prison In 2021

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An old fan favorite Max B announced his prison sentence being reduced from 75 years to 12 years which means he will be released in 2021.

“They gave me 75, got it chopped to a 20 then got it down to a dozen,” he then captioned a picture of himself in his prison uniform. “nigga I’m good with the money. #SUPERBAD.”

Famous rapper French Montana French mentioned several times that he was trying to free Max B with the legal help of Kim Kardashian who is set to become a lawyer like her famous father, the late Robert Kardashian.

“Just watching Kylie become a billionaire and watching certain people just break certain records, it makes you feel like the land of where dreams come true,” French said. “I mean, life is like a mirror sometimes. And sometimes a lot of people don’t see the good that they do, like as far as Kim.

“Me and Kim was talking about getting Max B home from jail. ‘Cause she’s doing the whole thing with… So, like for her to even reach out and do that I felt like that was powerful. A lot of people don’t see things like that.”

This is big for the rapper Max B who will most likely be releasing alot of new music.

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