Relationship 101: The Art of Having a Stable and Fun Partnership

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The start of a new relationship is always exciting. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of meeting someone new and finding a person you’re interested in as much as they are in you. It’s all fun and games until it evolves into a serious relationship. Or so the world keeps telling you. Relationships certainly require compromise, commitment, and effort from both sides. However, with the right mindset and willingness to evolve, they can also be extremely nurturing, allowing both partners to grow into the best versions of themselves. Good relationships don’t develop overnight. Building a strong bond with your partner takes time and hard work. Falling in love is the easy part! Cultivating the trust and love and forming a mature, lasting, happy relationship is another game altogether. Does that mean that you should avoid relationships completely? Of course not. Here are our top five tips for building and maintaining a fun and meaningful relationships.
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The Past Belongs in the Past

Perhaps you’ve had a lot of past lovers who have scarred you. Rocky relationships in the past can leave you feeling bitter and anxious. Or maybe you have had one or two seemingly ‘perfect’ relationships that you can’t help comparing to your current relationships. It’s extremely important not to discuss these experiences with someone on the first few dates. Not unless it’s relevant to the conversation. You shouldn’t be deceitful but at the same time, it’s important to stay away from discussing your ex.

Many people make the mistake of focusing on their, or their partners’ past lives in the initial stages of getting to know each other. The past might certainly be significant, but it’s much more important to concentrate on the here and now. Stay present and focus on the person you’re in a relationship with. Don’t interrogate them about their history and try not to make unfair comparisons.

Drop All Pretenses and Be Authentic

You want to pique your lover’s interest without being a show-off, and that’s often easier said than done. But it doesn’t help to pretend to be someone you’re not just to attract a partner. This is especially toxic when you’re trying to establish a loving, long-term and meaningful relationship.

You should learn to express your emotions and thoughts to your partner with complete honesty and neither of you should have to second guess each other’s feelings. Be who you are, in all of your weird, eccentric, quirky glory. Don’t hide your true self just because you’re scared of rejection. The right person will love you for it.

Laugh Long, and Often

Laughter is the best therapy. It’s an equalizer in every relationship, not just romantic ones. It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re funny or not. With the right partner, you should be able to find common ground. A healthy relationship will allow you to laugh at and with each other, without being disrespectful.

Try to tap into your partner’s sense of humor. Maybe sarcasm tickles their funny bone, or perhaps they like unintentionally funny jokes. Whatever it might be, try to make them laugh.

Share Your Passions and Communicate Freely

Tell your partner about the things that spark joy in you. Share your goals and dreams, the books that move you, the movies that have shaped you, and the music that can change your mood no matter what situation you are in. Sharing your ambitions and all of the things that you’re passionate about helps the other person get to know you on a deeper level. It builds trust.

Being able to communicate openly is also something many couples tend to underestimate, especially when they have insecurities and vulnerabilities they’re afraid of being judged on. How a couple communicates plays a huge role in the quality of their partnership. Minor issues can be sorted easily, but serious predicaments require both partners to address the dilemma with directness and sincerity. This is possible only when both partners are confident and secure enough in the relationship to communicate and resolve problems.

Stay Faithful

Nothing is as attractive in a relationship as loyalty, faithfulness and trust. All three attributes are vital in a mature and happy relationship. Science has made a compelling case about how humans and animals are genetically predisposed to commit infidelity. However, humans, unlike animals have the power to act against what their genes dictate.

It is possible to remain committed and faithful and protect your relationship if that’s what you want. All that’s required is the willingness of both partners to work hard at sustaining and nurturing their love for each other.

To Conclude

All humans are different. It’s almost impossible to outline a foolproof set of tips or tactics to build the perfect relationship every time. Building a fun and committed relationship is a challenge and it takes a lot of hard work. Sometimes it ends in disappointment and heartbreak, but for long-lasting bliss, it’s extremely important to be kind, confident and authentic.

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