Rich the Kid Attacked During Home Invasion

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“Plug Walk” rapper, Rich the Kid had his home invaded and was brutally attacked on Thursday night. Accoring to TMZ, the altercation took place at Rich’s girlfriend Tori Hughes house in Los Angeles.

The invaders broke in and demanded money and jewelry, when the rapper attempted ward off the thieves, three more masked men, who were carrying weapons came into the room. The physical altercation landed both Rich the Kid and his girlfriend in the local hospital being treated for injuries.

TMZ reports that the armed invaders stole a”significant” amount of cash and jewelry, with sources claiming it to possibly be an inside job.

The rapper posted a picture of himself in a neck brace, laying in a hospital bed. The picture didn’t have a caption.

The police confirmed to TMZ that the incident is being investigated, but no arrests have been made just yet.

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