Russell Westbrook Does Not Have Friends While Playing Basketball

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Russell Westbrook has a lot of basketball under his belt and decided to display his skills.

While facing off against the OKC Thunder the combo guard lifted the rockets to a 116-112 win.

Westbrook was scoreless for the first quarter, he missed all of his shots until he decided to step up in the second quarter.

This is how it goes,” said Westbrook. “When I hoop, I have no friends. On the court, they know not to talk to me. Steven’s a real close friend of mine. But inside those lines, there’s no friends. Spalding, that’s my friend, and my teammates. That’s it. If you try to be my friend, I ain’t gonna say to you.”.

Westbrook is coming into his leadership on his new team the Houston Rockets. The Rockets are hoping to go to the playoffs this year and compete for a NBA championship.

This season so far he’s putting up impressive numbers averaging 24.3 ppg, 12.7 rebounds & 9.7 assists on 50% shooting.

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