Russell Westbrook Happy To Sacrifice For The Houston Rockets

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Russell Westbrooks was in good spirits when asked about his focus he simply replied he was only focused on one team.

That team is the Houston Rockets Westbrook is feeling his new team and feels it is more equipped for a championship.

The Oklahoma City Thunder GM Sam Presti wanted to honor Paul George request to be sent to the Los Angeles Clippers, shortly after Russell Westbrook begin seeking a trade to the Houston Rockets.

Westbrook & James Harden are previous teammates and share a lot of on court experience together, Westbrook was eager to let everyone know he was willing to sacrifice his play to help the team win.
But there was one more thing he wanted his new fans to know.

He wanted everyone to know “That I’m a nice guy,” Westbrook said while smiling. “Obviously when I play the game, I’m going out to compete. I’m going out to win. And I don’t care how that looks.”

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