Russell Westbrook & James Harden Combine For 78 Points Combined

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James Harden is known to be a massive scorer in the NBA. Since joining Houston he hasn’t had a team mate that can match him.

That is until now Westbrook was acquired from the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Now they both are putting on offensive displays that showcase the reason for the trade.

Both players now join a group of 4 players that have been able to score 30+. The accomplishment has been done while having a team mate do the same.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George as the other 2 players together on the Clippers team. Houston has prime time scorers in Harden and Westbrook.

The offensive output by both all star players landed the Rockets with a 116-105 win over the Boston Celtics.

“It’s tough to guard, especially when I’m attacking and making plays and being able to do what I need to do to be effective” said Westbrook.

The super star point guard has lead the league in triple doubles each season. Now this season they’re focused on winning a championship.

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