Ryan Gosling Admits To Getting A Concussion While Working On New Movie First Man

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Ryan Gosling recently made an appearance on the special “Game Night” edition of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! tv show, following the NBA Finals Game.

Gosling spoke on the Kimmel show about how he wanted to watch the basketball game before the interview but he did not get the chance because of his children.

His kids refused to let him watch the game because of the cartoon Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. “Well, I knew I was going to be on the show so I was excited to watch the games,” he said. “But I have a 2-year-old and a 3-and-half-year-old, so, let’s be honest, I’m not watching anything that doesn’t have a talking tiger in it.”

Ryan Gosling Admits To Getting A Concussion While Working On New Movie First Man

The famous couple also talked about the training Gosling did before playing the astronaut Neil Armstrong in his new movie First Man and Ryan went on to explain how Mendes helped him out on the set.

“I did some physical training. At NASA, they put us through the paces in certain ways,” said Gosling. “For instance, they built this multi-axis trainer, which is something NASA designed just to help the astronauts prepare for the worst-case scenarios in space.”

He pointed at his head “Something was wrong. That, and getting banged around in the capsules and hitting my head, that something might be wrong.”

While speaking with Mendes she realized he may have actually hurt himself during his training “Well, I knew something was wrong when I went home one night and I called Eva, and I was just hellbent on this idea that there were people in donut stores all around the world that were trying to charm their way into getting free donuts,” Gosling said.

“She was so patient and listening,” he said about Mendes. “She was like, “I’ve been saying you have brain damage as a joke, but I think you might have brain damage. I think you should go to the hospital.'”

He took her advice and got the proper medical attention which helped him realized he had a minor concussion.

The actors film First Man is set to be released in theaters on October 12.