Safe Travels: Health Concerns to Take Care of Before Your Trip

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If you have time for your long trip around the world or your 10-day vacation, you also have time to see your doctor and pack properly for your adventure. Only a safe trip is a happy and exciting one, so here are all the health concerns to take care of before you embark on your holiday.

See your physician

In case you have any medical conditions that require medication, make sure to go over your condition with your GP and ask for a sufficient supply of meds for the duration of your vacation. It’s best to split your medication between your luggage and your carryon, just in case one of the two gets lost. This also might help in an emergency situation when you need to show people the medication you take.

Get all the shots

Your standard immunization needs to be up to date if you want to have a safe trip. Get all your shots like tetanus, polio, measles and rubella shots. If you’re visiting certain destinations, you’ll need additional shots or medication. Take care of your vaccination at least six weeks in advance, since some meds and shots take time to react.

Take care of your back

Traveling can take a huge toll on your back. All the walking, standing, sleeping in bumpy beds and sitting in the plane, train or bus can trigger your back pain and ruin your entire trip. So, make sure to take care of your back issues before you embark on your trip. If you know you suffer from back and neck pain, make sure to find an experienced surgeon like trusted Dr Timothy Steel and browse his website for a plethora of information. You can even book an exam and see if you’re fit for surgery to get rid of your pain once and for all!

Make your allergies known

In case you suffer from any allergies, make sure everyone around you know. This can ensure a quick and effective reaction of medical staff in case you have a severe allergic reaction. One way to ensure people know about your allergies is to grab a bracelet that will easily explain passersby, your travel companions and medical staff that you’re allergic. If you have any dietary restrictions, you can even download apps that will show you appropriate restaurants and ensure your diseases stays under control. Additionally, it’s always good to know your blood type before you embark on your adventure. This is not an essential thing to know, but it can help in an emergency.

Check your teeth

Toothache is one of the worst things that can happen during your trip. Oftentimes, dental services are scarce and very expensive at your destination, so make sure to check your teeth before you go and fix any cavities. Good dental hygiene before and during your trip is also crucial for your dental health.

Pack well

If you’re traveling through any part of the world infested with malaria mosquitos, make sure to have all the necessary anti-malaria medication at hand. The type of medication varies according to your destination and how resistant the mosquitos are, so check with your doctor and find the best solution for your trip. Another thing you can’t go without is comfortable footwear. High-quality boots can be your best buddy on your trip and keep your feet safe and warm.

Renew your first aid kit

Having a good first aid kit with you is always a good idea and you’ll find it handy more times than you think. You can easily pick up a kit for a very affordable price—but make sure to get a waterproof one that will stay undamaged no matter how active and adventurous you vacation gets. If you’re visiting a more remote part of the world, invest in a kit that’s a little more comprehensive. When visiting countries that might have a less sanitized hospital equipment and outdated medical care, having a first aid kit is a must.

Get good health insurance

No matter how ready you are, you never know what can happen on your trip, so make sure to invest in good travel health insurance. This will potentially save your trip and ensure you don’t go broke in case of a medical emergency.

All of these tips will ensure you’re safe no matter if you’re traveling to the next state or the next continent. It’s much better to be safe than sorry, so keep these tips in mind when preparing for your next trip.

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