Selena Gomez Admitted To Peeing Her Pants Before An Ed Sheeran Concert

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Selena Gomez recently paid a visit to KISS FM UK and played a game called Liar, Liar.  Guests share three stories, two false and one true – and the hosts, Tom Green and Daisy Maskell, guess which of the three stories are true. Selena’s three stories were: She peed her pants before an Ed Sheeran concert, her 4-year-old godson ruined a wedding by grabbing chunks of the cake, and warriors taught her how to use weapons and attack a lion.

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The pee story was true! “Me and my friends, we love going to concerts back home. And, Ed Sheeran was playing at the Hollywood bowl and there was so much traffic. I was very uncomfortable, let’s say, down there, in that area.”

“So, I will say that it was maybe the first time that I had soiled my pants a bit. I was not excited, but I didn’t want to leave so I was just like, ‘Alright I’m gonna put a little sweater on the bottom of me’ and made it through the concert,” she said.

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Grateful for ze pasta 🍝

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When you gotta go, you gotta go. The singer continued, “Just so you know, I’ve never told anyone that before. I can’t wait to see the headlines on this one. Honestly he [Ed] is probably like that’s fine. Good for her. She deserves it.” Watch the clip below.

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