Selena Gomez Says “I Feel Insecure All The Time”

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Being one of the most followed people on Instagram and a very successful celebrity doesn’t stop Selena Gomez from feeling the way every girl does — and she shares her insecurities openly in a new interview with Elle. The ‘Wolves’ singer admits to to being just like everyone else who struggles with body image, admitting to feeling insecure about her body “all the time.”

Selena Gomez Says


During her interview, she talked about her active wear collection collab with PUMA saying, “I always love to have quality where I bring out the very best in a girl, because I was that girl, I mean I also feel insecure all the time, I feel really awkward. It is something where I feel as if I can connect with them through my music, through film, and now I also get to do it with this.”

“I get really insecure sometimes, I go through weird ups and downs, but in general I just want people to wear what they feel comfortable in,” Gomez shared with the outlet.

She went on to say: “My assistant, she’ll wear workout clothes everyday. But she doesn’t work out. It’s just become a lifestyle, and she loves it. She loves how she feels and she loves how she wears it, and I mean, that’s what I want everybody to feel. She’s inspired me a lot too.”

The 26-year-old is doing much better following her breakdown and is using this campaign to remind girls that they are strong.

“I think it’s important for girls to know the strength in everything, their identity and their soul, lies within themselves,” Gomez continues. “And too much today you give that away so easily, from social media to school or relationships. And I think it’s important—I want to remind girls that they’re perfectly strong the way they are.”

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