Serve Up The Most Ultimate ‘Hot Dog Bar’ With These Ideas

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Nothing says summer is here like grilling up some tasty hot dogs to enjoy around a campfire with family and friends. Whether the hot dog is the star of the show at your next BBQ or you’re looking to throw a dog filled party this summer — these DIY Hot Dog Bar Ideas can help you achieve a perfect hot dog feast that will simplify your cookout, letting guest grab a bun, hot dog/veggie dog and pile on the toppings as they choose…YUM!

The Fixings

Chicago Dog, Chili Dog, and American Dog all require a different variation of toppings, and you want your hot dog bar to have them all. Below are some must have toppings to have on your bar for guests to load up on.

corn chips
hot sauce
sour cream
bbq sauce

If you need something to store your condiments in, this Chilled Condiment Server is a perfect one for keeping cold condiments cool and ready to use. These ceramic condiment bowls would also work great on your frank filled bar.

Load Up On Hot Dogs & Buns

There is a big chance that if there is a cool hot dog station, people will want more than just one hot dog. Be sure you are prepared with plenty of hot dogs and buns — buy more than enough, and if it ends up being more than enough — hot dogs for dinner all week! Will you have vegetarian or vegan friends coming? well don’t let them miss out on the yummy fun, have veggie dogs so they too can chow down.

Give Them A Clear Sign

Hot Dog Bar sounds easy enough to get, right? Well maybe, but its best to make sure it is as easy as possible for your guests by adding a sign saying something like “Build Your Own Hot Dog” or break it down in steps saying, “Grab A Bun, Grab A dog, & Load It Up” These signs could easily be made by writing in chalk onto a chalk board. Hang it above or on your hot dog bar for a finished look.

Set Up Your Bar

Serve Up The Most Ultimate 'Hot Dog Bar' With These Ideas
Be sure you have everything you need to make your hot dog bar dreams come to reality. Table cloth, plates, napkins and silverware are a few much needed items on your wiener station. We love the way set up her simple hot dog bar, adding these white party flag toothpicks into your condiments gives guest an easy way to find the condiment they want without any confusion.

Cooking The Dogs

It’s up to you if you want to prepare your hot dogs on the inside or on the grill outside. If the bar will be located outdoors cooking them over an open fire is a fun option too. Personally, loading up the charcoal grill with the dogs make for a cleaner, faster and more tastier outcome — grilling is a summer must!

The Sides & Dessert

Can’t forget the sides to go alongside your hot dogs, and some yummy dessert when you’re all finished too. Pie, ice cream, cookies, and fruit are perfect sweet treats to have at your hot dog celebration. Chips, corn on the cob, mac n cheese, bbq beans, fries, salad and veggies are all great sides to serve with your tasty dogs. Don’t forget the drinks! Cold water bottles, juice boxes, canned sodas and lemonade are great drink options.
Serve Up The Most Ultimate 'Hot Dog Bar' With These Ideas
If you want some awesome printable’s to make your hot dog bar really shine, these free printable’s will really make your bar look complete and now you’re READY to EAT!

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