Shaquille O’Neal Discourages The Idea Of NBA Players Joining Super Teams

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Shaq recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel live show.

The 4x NBA Champ was asked several questions about the current state of the NBA, With superstars joining each other on teams to get a clear advantage O’Neal doesn’t think this is good competition.

Jimmy Kimmel asked O’Neal which team he’d be interedted to play for today.

“Not one of those teams,” Shaq replied. “I’m from the era where guys wanted to compete and beat each other. So I would … go on a team that needs a superstar, and I’d teach them guys how to beat the superteams.”

You could say that Shaq formed a super team with players like Kobe Bryant & Dwyane Wade but, many fans consider a NBA super team to consist of at least 3 players who are capable of leading their teams deep into the playoffs.

Regardless Shaq felt it was time to speak out about this new trend in the NBA.

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