Shawn Mendes Says He Gets His Clear Skin From Not Washing His Face

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If you ever wondered how Shawn Mendes gets his clear skin, the singer has shared his secret. During a Q&A last week, Shawn was asked about his skincare routine by a fan. Fan: “Your skin always looks perfect, what’s your skincare routine?”

“My skincare routine — I’m not lying when I tell you guys that I just don’t wash my face! I meditate a lot,” he said. “I think skin is very based off of how you’re feeling.

“You could rub dirt on your face, but if you’re happy, you won’t break out. If you’re unhappy or sad or stressed, that’s when you break out the most. Just do everything that will make you happy.” 

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Naturally, The jokes started pouring in:

Some even accused the singer of lying:

Many others advised Shawn to wash his face, and while I agree, whatever he is doing, it seems to be working well for him.

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