Should You Be Taking Elderberry During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

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During these scary coronavirus times, we can use all the help we can to prevent the spread of this deadly virus that has taken over the world. We have been asked to not leave our homes unless absolutely necessary, cover our mouths and hands when out in public, and to wash our hands a lot more than we we are typically used to doing.

Should You Be Taking Elderberry During The Coronavirus Pandemic? 1251596778

All of these tips should be taken seriously to put this virus to an end.

Another great way to stop our bodies from getting sick is to pay attention to what we are putting in them. Veggies, fruits high in vitamin C and drinking plenty of water are all great ways to try and fight off sickness.

A supplement that is great for building a strong immune system? Elderberry fruit.

Elderberries are the dark purple fruit of the elderberry shrub. A rich source of antioxidants known as anthocyanins, elderberry is best known for treating the common cold, flu, hay fever, and sinus infections.

Should You Be Taking Elderberry During The Coronavirus Pandemic? 210773912

Elderberry also has anti-inflammatory benefits that can reducing swelling.

Elderberry syrup has been used for centuries to help treat the cold and flu virus. A 2019 study on elderberry for both cold and flu showed  that elderberry significantly reduced upper-airway symptoms.

While elderberry isn’t guaranteed to prevent you from getting Covid-19, it doesn’t hurt to provide your body with more immune fighting foods during this time. A 2012 study suggested that elderberry could help prevent influenza infection by stimulating an immune response.

Should You Be Taking Elderberry During The Coronavirus Pandemic? 738978535

According to an article from University of Arizona, “Elderberry contains compounds which decrease the ability of viruses to infect cells.” However, the same article suggests “to stop elderberry at the first signs of infection (fever, cough, sore throat) and/or if you test positive for the virus.”

Elderberry is available in many forms, including syrups, gummies, teas, pills and topical ointments. Elderberry is considered to be fairly safe when taken in moderation. However, the overconsumption of elderberries may cause diarrhea, stomach ache, and abdominal cramping that come from their laxative effects. Before taking any new supplements it is best to first talk with your health care provider.

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