Simone Biles Puts Team USA In The Lead After A Visit To The ER For Kidney Stones

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Simone Biles has once again proven just how awesome she really is. The Olympic gymnast has had many great accomplishments, but the 21-year-old has always seemed very humble about all of her great success. Biles put on an incredible performance at the World Gymnastics Championships in Qatar, after a trip to the ER. After a CT scan revealed a kidney stone ( a hard mass formed in the kidneys, typically consisting of insoluble calcium compounds; a renal calculus), the gymnast left the hospital to continue in the competition.

Simone couldn’t take pain medication, due to drug tests, so she suffered through the pain to put Team USA in the lead. She secured the highest scores on floor exercise, uneven bars, and vault. Biles will more than likely secure positions in all four final rounds. This is an accomplishment that hasn’t been matched since Simone competed back in 2013.

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