Snickers & Dove Dark Chocolate Coffee Creamers Are Coming To Stores Soon!

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Candy bars for breakfast are totally acceptable now, thanks to Coffee-mate launching their all-new Snickers and Dove Dark Chocolate Almond creamers — drooling! Whether you’re one of those chipper, wake up before the alarm goes off type of morning person, or the person one who hits the alarm as many times as possible before being forced out of bed last minute (guilty) — these coffee creamers will make your mornings even more delicious.

Some may have already seen these in stores, but will be available in major retailers nationwide in January 2019. If you just like a splash of sweetness in your hot cup of morning coffee, or if you’re like me — mostly creamer and sugar with just a splash of coffee — chocolate always makes the day better.

The creamers will be sold in 32 oz. bottles for $ 3.59, and you’ll be able to find them in the refrigerated aisle when they hit stores in January.

My taste buds are jittering with excitement for a coffee full off chocolaty goodness — yum!

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