Sofia Vergara Admits Getting To Where She Is “Hasn’t Been Easy!”

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The walk to fame isn’t easy and Sophia Vergara may be the highest paid actress, but she says getting to where she is “Hasn’t Been Easy!” During an interview with Health Magazine, the Modern Family actress opened up about the struggle she endured to becomes who she is today.

Sofia Vergara Admits Getting To Where She Is

I am 46, and I have been working for almost thirty years. So being able to do something  I love in entertainment, and on top of it, being able to make money? It has been a wonderful experience. It hasn’t been easy. It has been a lot of work, but it makes you feel rewarded for all of the sacrifices – like missing my son’s birthday here and there and not being present all the time for him,” Vergara said.

As for what got her to where she is today — she owes it all to her confidence.

“it’s important to show that you’re confident—even when you don’t know what you’re doing. The way that you carry yourself is really important. There is nothing worse than someone who feels insecure, who talks like she is not supposed to be there. And in a business like mine, it is very easy to do it, because we are not [performing] brain surgery. I cannot walk into a doctor’s operating room just with confidence! [Laughs] But in the entertainment business, you really can. So you just take a deep breath and do your best.”

As far as the jobs that she didn’t get in the past, Sofia says she doesn’t let her missed opportunities get to her.

“I do not sit crying around about something – a job I do not get or a deal that does not go through. Like, that’s it, move on, try to find something else… because if you do not, you lose time crying about it. So let’s not lose time!”

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