Spanish TV Reporter Apologizes For Her Reaction After Finding Out She Won The Lottery

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A Spanish TV Reporter let her colleagues know she wasn’t going to be coming back to work anytime soon, She celebrated her win of the lotto with fellow people that wanted to celebrate her win with her.

The reporter unfortunately found out that she did win but, she only won a fraction of the the lottery not the entire jackpot.

She went as far to quit her job the air but the problem was she didn’t know that if multiple people win the lottery they have to split the winnings leaving her with only $4.4k USD that’s about 4k in Euros.

Her apology was written on Twitter in Spanish: “Así que de nuevo pedir disculpas por esta confusión hoy emitida y aclarada en directo en el programa LA MAÑANA …y mantengo que mañana no voy a trabajar, primero por que voy a celebrar ese apetitoso pellizco y voy tengo vacaciones” said the reporter.

English: “So again I apologize for this confusion today broadcast and clarified live on the LA MORNING program … and I maintain that tomorrow I will not work, first because I will celebrate that appetizing pinch and I am going on vacation” said the reporter.

She remains in good spirits despite the fact many thought she won several millions.

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