Spurs Haven’t Offered DeMar Derozan Contract Extension Yet

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Spurs Haven#8217;t Offered DeMar Derozan Contract Extension Yet 1552379649

Source: NBA.com

San Antonio Spurs have a solid roster, they have a lot of long term decisions to make.

Currently the core they have is DeMar Derozan & LaMarcus Aldridge moving forward they will need to decide if they will consider adding to this core or attempting to build a new team.

One person who appears to be under the spotlight is DeMar Derozan, the Spurs have him still under contract for 2 years.

They also have Gregg Popovich who is now the oldest active NBA coach.

The generations of David Robinson, Tim Duncan & Tony Parker have come to an end.

Leaving the Spurs with the option of having to choose if they will offer DeMar Derozan the max contract.

Rumors have swirled around that he could
be used as trade bait evenually, last season Derozan averaged 21.2 ppg, 6 rebounds & 6 assists on 48.1% shooting.

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