Starbucks Is Giving Away Free Cold Brew Coffee On Friday

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Starbucks has been rapidly expanding the reach of its nitro cold brew coffee over the years. It was first introduced in 2016 at limited locations. By 2018, it was being used in many yummy drinks, but still had a limited availability. The coffee chain is now celebrating their expanded availability of the nitro cold brew by offering a free one to customers. Free coffee? count me in!
Starbucks Is Giving Away Free Cold Brew Coffee On Friday 1968815129
Starbucks is offering a free serving of Nitro Cold Brew at participating locations on Friday, August 2. There is no purchase neccessary. Just go to your local coffee brewery and grab your free sample of the nitrogen-infused cold brew. The freebie will be a 3.5oz serving of the Nitro Cold Brew. So, you’re pretty much getting a shot, about half the size of a small coffee. The free coffee celebration is an attempt to get customers to try the nitro cold brew.

The sample-sized free coffee might not be the size of your typical cup of jo — but it will be a nice kick to get you through your Friday work day.

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