Starbucks Just Dropped Their Last New Beverages Of 2017

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This holiday season Starbucks has not disappointed — from festive holiday cups to their Christmas tree Frapp, and they are going out with one last, big, chocolatey bang! Starbucks announced three new limited-edition mocha drinks that have been released for our enjoyment.

Included in the new collection is the Black and White Mocha, the Black and White Hot Cocoa, and the Black and White Frappuccino. Each one is smooth, chocolatey, and the perfect drinks to ring in the New Year.

A combination of dark and white chocolate is what makes the drinks “black and white” each one topped with whipped cream and chocolate “sequins” that are meant to resemble a black tie, how cool is that?

Hurry and try them while they are still around. All three drinks are available at Starbucks today, December 27th and lasting through the new year.

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