Starburst Duos Fruit Chews Are Coming In 2019

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Starburst is taking two flavors and smashing them together for one seriously tasty candy — they’re called Starburst duos and will be making their way to a store near you in 2019. Obviously the idea came from what most of us done with our pack of starburst as kids, taking two flavors and splitting them (with our teeth) to combine them, to which many times I asked myself, why don’t they do this?!
Starburst Duos Fruit Chews Are Coming In 2019
If you are hoping to get the original flavors combined, that won’t be happening, instead the duos will consist of two different combo flavors — Strawberry Watermelon and Blue Raspberry Lemonade — possibly the best flavors ever, and saves me the time from skipping pass the orange flavored ones.

Starburst’s parent company, Mars Wrigley Confectionery, will release Starburst Duos in January 2019, according to a recent press release,  they will come in  2-ounce single packs for $0.99 and in 14-ounce lay-down bags for $3.19.

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