Steph Curry Admits To Being In Denial About His Injury

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Stephen Curry is one of the NBA’s best players in history, the famous point guard admitted he’s having a hard time accepting that he’s actually injured.

“When you get around basketball and get around the locker room with the guys, that’s the part I miss the most. And I love to play. Three months is — and I’d only played three-and-a-half games — just weird. It’s unfamiliar territory. I’m enjoying the downtime, because it was unheard of, in my experience, in the middle of a season. It’s just weird.“.

He’s focused on getting his rhythm back first once he recovers from the injury, many will call the Warriors season a lost season due to the amount of injuries they’ve experienced.

The Western conference is a tough place to win games and nearly impossible if your team is depleted at the level the Warriors have experienced.

Currently the injury list goes: Klay Thompson out for most likely majority of the season with a torn ACL, Steph Curry has a broken hand most likely 2-3 months before he gets back to practicing basketball.

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