Surprising Facts About Conch

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Big Shell

The queen conch has a really heavy shell, a pink interior and a brown exterior.

What they eat

Conchs are only plant eaters, they survive eating algae and tiny marine plants.

Used for jewelry

The conch shell is used to make shell tools, it’s considered one of the best looking shells you can find. It’s also a very big favorite for collectibles.

60 Species

The shell is depthy and very colorful. The sea snails are of 60 species.

Popular family

Conchs are family members of the octopi, oysters & squid.


The conch has a target usually of sea turtles , horse conchs and the human race.

First Year

They are given a year to live under the sand in the daytime and then they’ll come to out to the surface at the night time to eat.

5 years

The queen conch can take up to 5 years to reach it’s highest maturity.

Average lifespan

Queen conch has an average of 7 years to live, though they can sometimes go up to 20 to 30 years.


The conch can produce natural pearls, these pearls come in different colors such as brown, orange and pink. Other colors include white.

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