Surprising Facts About Eel

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Long lives

Eels can have a lifespan of 70 years old, this mostly depends on the species of the eel.

The average eel will live up to 30 years old.

400 species

There is currently over four hundred species of eel.

Sharp teeth

Eels are known to have gills and the sharpest teeth.

Eel body

The outer appearance of an eel depends more on the species.

Eels can grow anywhere between 4in and 11 1/2 ft long. They’re often times compared to snakes. Eels normally do not have scales like snakes and have more of an smoother body.

Where they live

Most eels live in a place that has freshwater usually a pond, river or lake.

They also can live in caves and in-between rocks. They’ll live there to give them an advantage with their prey.


The majority of eels are nocturnal, this means they’re usually not spotted often.

You can see some eels living in holes or otherwise known as “eel pits”.

What they eat

Eels will mostly consume fish, frogs, crab, worms, snails & shrimp.

Eels are strictly carnivorous and love to eat meat.

They also like small fishes and hunt for food in the night time.

Eels can also use cannibalism as a way to survive.

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