T.I. & Tiny Are Coming Back In A Brand New Reality Show

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Tiny and her husband, T.I., have landed a new reality show that will air on VH1 next year, starring the couple and their family.
T.I. & Tiny Are Coming Back In A Brand New Reality Show
The Harris Family were once stars on the hit reality television series T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, which ended last year around the time Tiny filed for divorce, after catching her husband cheating on her with Bernice Burgos.

The name of their new reality series will change, according to The Jasmine Brand, the show will be featuring the couples 7 kids, and their paths to success.

In a recent interview with Rolling Out, Tiny talked about the difficulties that comes with having 7 children.

“It is only difficult if you make it difficult. Me and my other half we do not always agree on travel arrangements, but it is really what you make it. Whatever I am doing, I always want my kids there, which can be challenging. But it is a challenge that we always get through!”

I’m excited to see the Harris crew back on the screen again!