Taco Bell Releases New Soup Recipe Made From Pureed Tacos

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Taco Bell wants you to ditch the turkey and dressing this year and instead blend up some of their tacos. The company wrote out the recipe for the rolled chicken tacos bisque on its blog, which involves boiling and blending their Rolled Chicken Tacos into a soup.

Taco Bell Releases New Soup Recipe Made From Pureed Tacos 1001932951

Before beginning you’ll need to head to your nearest Taco Bell and pick up a Rolled Chicken Taco Party Pack ($10.99) featuring six Rolled Chicken Tacos and six Crunchy Tacos. The soup seems fairly easy to make and sounds like a great soup for your “Friendsgiving” feast — or whenever a craving for taco soup arises.

The new bisque was created by Taco Bell Executive Chef Rene Pisciotti in anticipation of the holidays and can be served as an entrée for two or an appetizer for four.

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