Tameka Harris Loses $750,000 In Jewelry Lamborghini Breakin

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Tiny Tameka Harris, left her jewelry inside of her new Lamborghini SUV and unfortunately experienced an unpleasant surprise when she revisited her vehicle. The famous singer lost nearly $750,000 worth of jewelry that was stolen while she was out for the night.

Wife of the famous MC T.I. told the police she lost diamond rings & studded earrings along with watches that total up to the amount of three quarters of a million dollars. She spent time with friends at a bar in Atlanta and close to 8:45 she left to the bar after returning to her car she realized all of her jewelry had been taken.

“EXCLUSIVE: Wedding rings, watches and stud earrings were among stolen jewelry left inside a blue velour bag, on top of the center console of her Lamborghini SUV, police confirmed.”

— Michael Seiden (@SeidenWSBTV) October 7, 2019

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