Teen Confesses To Killing His Pregnant Girlfriend “I took action—I took her life”

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16-year-old Indiana high school football player, Aaron Trejo, was charged as an adult Sunday for the murder of 17-year-old Breana Rouhselang and the fetus she was carrying. Trejo said he killed her because she waited to long to tell him she was pregnant with his child, making it too late to get an abortion, authorities said on Monday.

Teen Confesses To Killing His Pregnant Girlfriend

Image source: WNDU

In a court filing, prosecutors say Trejo told police that he stabbed Rouhselang during a fight over the pregnancy and he put her body in a restaurant dumpster in their hometown of Mishawaka.

He told investigators he brought the knife and garbage bag from home and said he “had been planning and thinking about killing Breana and the baby for about a week.”

“I took action—I took her life,” he said in an interview with detectives, according to CBS Chicago.

After disposing of her body, Trejo recounted walking to a river and throwing her phone and the knife he brought from home as far as he could into it, police said. Trejo told investigators he had been planning the killing for about a week and hadn’t told anyone.

An autopsy determined that Rouhselang died from multiple stab wounds and that a scarf had been tied tightly enough around her neck that strangulation was occurring before she died.

Trejo was charged as an adult and could face more than 80 years in prison, according to the station.

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