Teen Dies From Severe Dairy Allergy After Eating A Burger He Was Told Was Dairy Free

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While out celebrating his 18th birthday, a United Kingdom teen went to a popular restaurant to get a burger and died hours later. Back in April 2017, Owen Carey went out to celebrate his 18th birthday at Byron Burgers. When Carey told staff that he was severely allergic to dairy, the waitress assured him the grilled chicken he wanted was dairy free, reported BBC.

Teen Dies From Severe Dairy Allergy After Eating A Burger He Was Told Was Dairy Free 1079023684

Image Source: BBC

Soon after leaving the restaurant, Carey began feeling sick. Less than an hour later, Owen collapsed near the London Eye. He was rushed to St. Thomas’s Hospital in central London, but died.

The teen’s family found out that the chicken Carey ate earlier that evening was marinated in buttermilk.

Aimee Leitner-Hopps, Byron’s technical manager, told the Guardian the allergy information on the menu “met industry standards” at the time of Carey’s death.

Byron’s now mentions the buttermilk marinade on their online menu.”We cannot guarantee that our kitchens or our suppliers are 100 percent allergen-free,” the menu reads.

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